Sunday Night BAT Attack

We had a very rare unusual guest at home on Sunday gone-by. I returned from a concert with my folks and was chilling and working in my bedroom. It was around mid-night 1.30 a.m and i heard a frail scream from mother’s room that was adjacent to my locked room. Mother screamed “There is a Bat in my room”. I didn’t believe my mother until i saw it with my eyes. We all started banging the doors and walls to let the creature out of its hiding and shoo it off. The minute the banging of wall and doors triggered its  movement from hiding, it came out circling the room at phenomenal speed and “Hell, Yea! It was a Bat attack”. We all took position behind the walls and doors, under table and decided to ambush the Bat. I peek-a-boo to look at the bat from little opening from my room’s door and i was shit scared to even come out of the room.

I immediately turned to google uncle to find help.

“Ways to tackle a Bat attack”

“Can Bat be harmful to humans”. 

I learned many things about Bat, that i hadn’t know until that night.

After some 30 mins into the chaos and scaring the shit out of us, it flew to living room and outta the Verandah. Mother went to her bedroom and locked it and i locked mine.

Laying in the bed i thought of “How it might have entered home”. Maybe more then How”, i kept wondering “Why” did it come inside the house. Since the time i remember, we moved many homes but one thing that made it feel home like and cozy was our home verandah, which always donned a coat of fruits, veggies and flower bearing plants. The greens and leaves attracted various birds and insects at home. We always had pigeons come-in to lay eggs, parrots coming & flying away to its will, honeybees making honeycombs on verandah ceiling, house sparrows constructing its nest. It never crossed my mind, why do we have these birds as visitors over so many years. Maybe because i never felt as threatened by them as the Bat’s visit made me feel.

“It dawned on me that its not them who have threatened our homes, our privacy. But its these innocent creatures who are threatened by us to leave their homes to make space for our homes”

We have built such high rise buildings that even sky is the limit for them to soar any higher above it. Our selfishness has cost them their own homes. We have created a huge imbalance in the eco-system that these creatures, birds, mammals have no place left to call it their home. Its because we are destroying their natural habitats, we are demolishing their homes to build our dream home. 


“Electricity Consumed by 1 American at Home is Equivalent to 34 Citizens of India” –Ms. Sunita Narain, Centre For Science And Enviornment, Delhi

I don’t really agree that its the American issue because we are so much influenced by their lifestyle that we want to live that same lifestyle and enjoy a cult status in society. This drives us to have never ending desires to own a house, car, air-conditioner, T.V sets, Laptops, smartphones. I do understand all this is to give a comfortable life to our coming generation. Its very “Tough Decision” to give up comfort life. But if this “Tough Decision” is not taken today, then in very fast approaching near future we have to make Toughest Decisions with no Plan B or rather Planet B to fall on”.

OK people, do yourselves a favor, watch this documentary by NatGeoBefore the Flood and you will know exactly what i have exaggerated in this blog post. This documentary has terrified me to my core, that i might seriously decide against having my own babies. I am that terrified. Go and see if we have anymore time left to save whatever little we can for our children.

If you think this post is to scare you to core, am sorry to bust your bubble. It is indeed to scare you to core. The more early we stop comfortably being in denial, the more good would it be for all of us. Where on one hand, the Leaders coming to power are playing political game of not even acknowledging the reality and the repercussions of #ClimateChange,  i can see were we are headed to.

Photo Credit: Google photos

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