“Happily Introvert” Club

You don’t like to make friends;

You are considered as babe with loads of attitude;

You are catcalled snob, sometime boring;

You are judged by people all the time;

If this defines your personality welcome to “Happily Introvert” club guys

“Researchers estimate, extroverts make up 50-74 percent of the population. The other 16-50 percent of the population consists of introverts”

-Source – www.psychologytoday.com

In case you didn’t know, “Yea i am Happily An Introvert”. No wonder being in other side of the fence of 16-50% of population, why rest 50-74% find it difficult to understand us. As an introvert, i think our struggles are as urgent and immense as those of #LGBTCommunity or #GenderEquality. We have an identity which is important in its own way. I have my own reasons to feel strongly about the way i do.

I struggled for everyday of my life since the day i took first step out of my home in real world. 90% of the times i felt like an outsider (i still do but its 10% of times now). Growing up as an introvert brought its own struggles for me. I was super timid and extremely shy child. I failed to understand why i didn’t have so many friends at school like other children my age did, why was i targeted for being ‘quiet‘, why  was i taunted as ‘boring‘. While in University, most of the times I allowed myself to be laughed at just because i wanted to make some friends. So many times i came home and cried silently in dark. The struggle was immense.

“Everyday i woke up with thought to be happy and go with the flow. But the fact was, everyday i woke up to make others happy, so that i could fit in”

“Inside i was screaming to be rescued from this pretentious-face, that i had to don everyday to make others happy.”

But thankfully with support from my folks and few close friends who stood by my side through thick and thin, i was finally able to make peace with my own body, my own mind and soul. I still discover lot of things about myself and grow each day loving myself more and more.

OK! enough of my story, let me list down 10 traits which are reflection of every introvert. You guys are at liberty to decide which of these traits are Pro & Con for you. Personally for me i have come to accept every side of me being an introvert and have no regrets to change a thing about myself 😀

1. Introverts are not Friendly: You might have never come across such weird declaration. I am one such weirdo. As an introvert whenever i have to mingle with group of strangers, i don’t meet them with intention to make friends. Work done communication ends. Even my FB friends are no more than 100 😀

2. Introverts are Very Secretive: Introverts have secrets which is safely locked in their heart and mind. No normal person can never unearth the secrets of an introvert unless they decide to part with it.

3. Introverts Enjoy Solitude: Introverts are happy to choose their own company over passes to a happening night club. Leave them with a cozy corner, brewing coffee and a good book, Life is Good for them.

4. Book Worm:  Most of the introverts are big time book worms. So next time you want to present a gift to your introvert friend, you know what to gift 😛

5.  Introvert are Trustworthy: Introvert’s trait of heavily guarding their private life, makes them a trustworthy reliable confidant-cum-guide, to even let colleagues trust them with their secrets and seek advise from them.

6. Introverts have a Funny Bone: This might come as a surprise to many non-introverts. Introverts are prima-facie know to be boring with no sense of humor. However, having a funny bone and not being too talkative has not yet been scientifically proven. So yes Introverts can be funny 😛

7. Introverts are Pretty Intense: Introverts think a lot before they say anything. They don’t believe in wasting time in short talks. They love engaging in deep discussions about life, world, travel, humanity and are pretty intense.

8. Introverts are Fashionable: Don’t know how much it holds true for other introverts, but it is true for me. Especially in my formative teen years and early twenties, i used to get mocked at for wearing ill fitting dresses, or for not being presentable enough.  Same people today compliment me for looking lovely, cute, beautiful. A Big LOL.

Yeah i am too sarcastic at digesting compliments, because the same people who had a good laugh at my cost had made me feel terrible about myself when i needed that confidence the most. Hence i don’t care now what opinion you got for me.

9. Introverts tries to find a Solution before Seeking Assistance

10. Introverts are very Observant

           Being Introvert is neither a disease nor a disability, its an orientation. Its OK if doc1people don’t take efforts to understand your brain (you are little differently wired 😛 ). Neither did Sir Issac Newton cared nor did Einstein cared and world saw what they were capable of (care to read this Famous Introverts). Don’t be guilty of being a introvert. You can either choose to sail through until you find your shore or you can feel guilty of being yourself and choose to be miserable for rest of your life.

I hope you liked my post and if you have your own little #IntrovertStory to share, i would love to know it. If any budding introvert reading my post every require any motivation in their journey, just give me a shout. Apparently many of friends tell me i am a good motivator 🙂

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