Unrecognized Land of Melanin Goddesses (2 minutes read)

George Bernard Shaw, a world renowned playwright was once approached by a seductive young actress who cooed him in his ear;

‘Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we got married and had a child with my beauty and your brains?’

Bernard Shaw who was hardly a handsome man replied;

‘My dear, that would be wonderful indeed, but what if our child has my beauty and your brains?’

The actress who did not need much persuasion just sped off.

Barring the fact that Bernard Shaw was a ‘white’ man with Irish lineage, the cliche conversation is something that comes up in every Indian household. Where the mother wants a fair bride for her dark skinned son, with a hope that a fair bride will absolve the family from curse of being dark skinned 😱.

Time and time this mentality has been gulped down the throats and hammered into the brains of all those #XYChromosomes who unfortunately will become the flag bearers of our fake family legacy obsessed with white skin.

Our box mentality keeps us from remembering one cardinal rule ‘that chromosomes and jeans are not something that can be controlled’. 

The hypocrisy in our society knows no bound when we shamelessly pounce to claim a piece in success of all those #Unfair Indian sensational exports to west (apparently who are pitted against their fairer counterparts in their home country 😷) when they get recognized for their talents worldwide, speaks volume of our menacing obsession with white skin.main-qimg-7c1d910509e0d9263b18381229047aa7-cJust imagine had their folks told them how they needed to be fair otherwise they will loose opportunities in life, world would have never know so many talents who would have died #DuskyDeath.

Maybe i would even accept this “White and Black Theory“, if i had assurance that there would be no other color discrimination.

But the funniest part is even white people are pitted against each other for being a #Pale-white or #Less-pale-white. The #Browns a.k.a Indians have more interestingly laughable version; #White-brown, #Yellow-brown, #Pink-brown, #Black-brown…Hahaha…🤪😆🤣

The Melanin Goddess; who broke the internet with her dark chocolate skin tone.

If it would do any good to know that just when Indians can’t enough of their love for #WhiteSkin, there are the westerners a.k.a #gora who are obsessed with tanned skin tone (which we Indian’s are blessed with). Its blows my mind to thing that how we humans are capable of greatest degree of complexity in our lives and thoughts 🤣

Thus, once upon a time India used to be Land of Melanin Goddesses……


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