Does Hair Defines Women’s Beauty ?

Women’s liberation will not be achieved until a woman can become paunchy and bald and still think she’s attractive to the opposite sex.

-Earl Wilson

No you don’t have to go that extreme but sadly as women, we do have ridiculous measure of women’s beauty. Young girls from a tender age are fed with the idea of superficial beauty and how they have to adhere to certain measures to look beautiful. As a matter of fact there are many cultures where girls/ women are expected to take permission of their families (husband and in-laws too) before trimming or cutting their hair. Girl’s long tresses are the most important thing that’s discussed in family meetings.

From my years of observation i can say with certainty that all these years of perseverance and care for hair, boils down to that D-day where the girl will be getting married and her biggest achievement is providing her hair dresser with an opportunity to mold her hair in a beautiful updo. And Yes this “exaggeration” of mine will find takers in at least one in three Indian brides. 

Growing up i had no idea that women and men have different salon, as i always got my haircut in a men’s salon and sported a boy cut until  i graduated from school. In university so often i heard from my female classmates, that how they are wary of their father’s fury if they cut their hair without seeking approval. I was baffled to know this because i never did something as stupid as this. And funny thing is, every  second girl grew with such directives and i was not even remotely aware. In fact before making trips to men’s salon my hair dresser was my dad and i used to get mad at him for chopping up all my hair.

First time when i chopped off my long tresses as young women, i did it for fashion. This time it was for a cause. The cause was to donate hair for cancer patients (link given below). It is so

Hair Story-001
These beautiful souls, who truly believe that beauty comes from living for others

important to understand here that doing something for others is always not in monetary terms. You need to have that intention to help and doors will keep opening. Like when we buy new clothes, we need to make space in wardrobe and its only logical to give away old clothes which can now come  in use for those who really need them (link given below).

When my hairdresser came to know of my reason to chop off my hair, he said something which took me aback;

“Only if these fools knew that beauty comes from within and not from superficial stuff, many people would have become jobless”.

And i just couldn’t keep from cracking up in riot of laughter.

His unabashed admission really prompted me to verbally pat his honesty knowing his these words were in stark contrast to his profession as a hairdresser-cum-beautician.

These salons and beauty parlous make their living from our insecurity and our constant need for validation on our looks and beauty. The same oil paint that’s making you look flawless today, will fall short to cover up your imperfections as you grow old with age. Learn to embrace your imperfections than fight it. Once you learn to accept yourself with your flaws, you will not wait to get validated in our social circus. Invest in experience and acts that makes you happy from inside, which will make you look more beautiful than any makeup can. Stay Human, Stay Beautiful.


P.S: Small note here, that i am not paid to promote any causes or organisation on my page.

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  1. hungrydai says:

    You made me laugh, Namu, Bald but think they’re still attractive to men. Yes it’s true, men can be so ridiculous sometimes

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    1. namuwrites says:

      Thank you dai…Happy that I could make you laugh 😊

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