Shushi! Going Out of My Comfort Zone

“I-I-I-I feel something so right doing the wrong thing,
I-I-I-I feel something so wrong doing the right thing,
I couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie, couldn’t lie,
Everything that kills me makes me feel alive”

Today on my way to work, when Ryan Tedder sang in to my ears i couldn’t help but reminisce meeting my only childhood friend after two long decades. And in this mad world  when you have a friend who cherishes your friendship even after decades, you should count your blessings. And the best part was even after not keeping in touch we could instantly bond on not just our childhood memories but so many other things. But apart from the great friendship saga that i am ranting about so much, you are curious to know how does ‘Sushi’ fits into the frame ? 🤔

So for some great reunion after decades we choose an Indian Japanese restaurant and my dear friend ordered Sushi with Wasabi and Dumplings for all of us to try. No points for guessing,

Sushi without chopsticks! Unimaginable right ?

In a country where your fingers are trusted to give you that authentic taste and aroma of food, working around it with fork, spoon, knives can be a herculean task.

And going next level with chopsticks for first time can prove to be Holy Grail or Epic Fail 😛 

Having never tried Japanese food hitherto, i was little tensed for obvious reasons. Sitting in posh restaurant with “Sophisticated” diners around, it can be little daunting to try out something new and give people that chance to look down upon your clumsy ways of eating and become a butt of all jokes. But at that moment i couldn’t care any less of people’s opinion but for having a friend who instead of laughing at our non-existent skill to maneuver a chopstick taught us to be comfortable around it.

That night at dinner table, not only did i learn to eat Sushi with sticks, my dear friend  reminded me yet again to push my boundaries and go out of my comfort-zone. So many times we are so clueless about our own abilities and infinite possibilities that comes with it, just because we are too scared to step out of our comfort zone for the fear of being judged by others.

My blog is nothing but a result of me going out of my comfort space, my complexes, my fears. 

“Going out of your comfort zone can make you uncomfortable. But if treading uncharted waters scares you, or gives us jittery, you are on right track”

– Namuwrites

People can laugh at you once, twice, may be thrice, but then on the ball is in your court. Because you have become richer by that experience. It added value to your life. You acquired a new skill. Whereas those people are still on same side of court being a mere spectator laughing at you and ironically laughing at themselves for never trying out new things.


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