Let ‘She’ be her own ‘Court’ & ‘Verdict’

“No one gives a damn about women in this world? So what do we do now?”

“Perverts and accused rapist of this nation should thank their stars that India is not Iran, Iraq or Saudi where justice is served quick by public beheadings. That would have been much nicer for womans of this nation;

OR its not even U.S for its not having a unrestricted and unauthorized gun culture”

Am i saying something 😷?

Don’t know if democracy in this nation has come to be construed as democracy for men, as their birth right to insult, beat, outrage a women’s modesty, her dignity in most derogatory way by raping her. Apparently by the look of it all in this man’s world a women has been and will be no more then her breast and vagina.

“Main to tandoori murgi hu yaar; Gatka le saiyyan alcohol se ok!”

Translating as;
I am a piece of chicken, down me with a sip of alcohol.

The so-called ‘diva’ of nation became a nation’s darling after this song topped the charts hitting a right cord with perverts of this nation and we are so star-struck completely over looking the fact of what she and many actors starting in songs like these are trying to “unknowingly” (give them a benefit of doubt😱) promote.

As a ‘creative-artist’ its so easy for them to make provocative dance routines in name of creativity wearing next to nothing, objectifying every part of women’s body in proactive lyrics and holding a placard condemning the #Rape in a same breadth. 

As a celebrity/ actresses all they have to do is tag along an entourage of beefy bouncers protecting their bodies from potential rapist, even after going semi-naked and provocatively dancing on most vulgar lyrics and titillating the darkest fantasies and raising testosterone of so many men in this hypocritic culture that dictates dos and don’ts for women but can’t get enough of Sunny Leone.

I am so done with BS of celebrities leading on a candle light marches and protest, whereas they are one of the root cause of menacing #Rape-Becoming-A-Culture.

And not to forget free access to internet and porn. We are headed in right direction 🤐

An 8 month, 8 years, 18 years to 80 years old female toddler, teenager, a women, a grandma is getting raped and what we do? We take to streets, protest, take some media time, go home sleep and life goes on. And this exactly what’s going to go on as long every women continues to live on face of the earth.

Justice will be delayed, rape survivor will be slut shamed until she gives up on life and this nation will continue to make global headlines with more gruesome ways to rape.

Am at loss of words……


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