Gawking, A Post Dedicated to #StaringMen and #Empoweringyoungmothers

“Quiet as PUBG has become a rage here, there is another potential hobby that i see is becoming omnipresent.

GAWWWKing ! Yes you guys, Gawk Till You Drop or Your Neck Breaks.

The age old reinvented new hobby has become a new mantra. I don’t think even world class athletes (with all due respect) can mange to pull of the stunt of 360 degree neck turn until a women these men are staring at, disappears or die in some kind of accident. “

Most of the time female foreigners who visit India, often is heard mentioning at one time or other, ‘How they find it weird and equally amusing that Indian men stare at them incessantly without any guilt of making the women break a sweat out of nervousness of been watched.’ Most of the time they either laugh it off thinking it to a weird habit and more with the fact that, they won’t be living in this country forever. No qualms in bursting that myth foreign ladies, the same #StaringMen absurdity that you find ‘weird‘ is ‘annoying‘ to us.

I don’t know if my sensitivity to this issues echos with my Indian ladies out there. But I want to believe it does, for no women enjoys these kind of uncalled for intimidating attention. I know of times when i choked and suffocated under such stares and hadn’t been brave enough to be vocal about and shame the perpetrator. I know that i get stared-at point blank, when am on my own or even if i am at a public restaurant enjoying a nice evening with my family.  Also the fact that being a big time #Introvert coupled with #anti-socialelement of being an Introvert is capable of getting the worst out of me (as its pushes me to be the best) and i can’t handle these stares.

At one occasion I tried to get my mom’s opinion on this issue, and this is what she had to say;

“People always like to admire a pleasant looking personality”.

I left it at that. My mom being a nicest person ever, sees nice in every thing and doesn’t feel its really an issue, as ‘men have always been this way.’ Pleasant or not-pleasant looking does not even comes to play here. Lets not beat around the bush, we know this a problem a very real one.

I live in a metropolitan city, a supposedly progressive city, where birds from different feathers flock together. People from different cultural backgrounds come in this #cityofdreams to make it big. And why not ? Everyone do deserve a fare chance at better lifestyle. But its just not the people of blood and flesh coming to a new city but there comes an entire barrage of mentality, opinions, habits that represents their communities (You think i am being racist?  be my guest. Go ahead judge me)

It all boils to very basic but hugely underrated thing ‘Upbringing‘. This lame excuse of #Menwillbemen is good in advertisements. But when is see such type of men around, i just want to call out to all the parents who have done a horrible job of raising a male tot. I believe that new mothers have a humongous responsibility to bring up a child. Its in no way to be taken lightly. If today as a society of women we feel threatened  by such men around us its because, we allowed ourselves to be treated below par by men in our lives.

Squaring of this post by my 50 cents advice; Be responsible stop breading animals, start breeding humans.

‘Just as elders led by example, a child is bound to follow by examples around them’.


Disclaimer World has and will see some amazing men. But because of some bad men, women have become wary of men in general. Listen up #Badmens, doomsday is just about to befall you, mind your ways. Better be late then never.



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