Best Relationship Advice I Read #punintended

FB Enlightment (Gyaan) ;  “Resolve your fight before going to bed”. Big ROFLMAO And you are like; “Screw that god-damn-advice. I am too pissed to even look at his/her face. I am going to deal with that shit tomorrow “. If you are pro at former one, Boy! You must have an #amazingwillpower or either it…

Adventure of Lifetime

USP of Coldplay is their power to bind people in same emotion. Message is simple, Good deed don’t cost money, a 4G connectivity and we are good to go.
“Lets leave our digital footprints and show the world WE CARE AS A GLOBAL CITIZEN”

Father’s Day

So its Father’s day. Each one of you might have great plans for your oldman. But is this one day enough for you to celebrate your real hero 😦 ? You surprise him with lots of gifts sometimes iphone, ipads, macbook, apparels, taking him for fine dining to celebrate father’s day. But since the day…