Know Me

“I am not a writer as I don’t have a formal education in literature or journalism”.

-In the words of Jeffrey Archer 

Saying this, i am no story teller by any means either. I namu-1am simply a weird girl next door, whose aim is to give herself a creative satisfaction and give my readers a good read. I have no agenda with which I have come to wordpress platform. I feel, I see the world differently and have a different side of story to offer. I press in time every alternate day to write simply because it makes my day worth it. Penning my thoughts is like exercise for my soul. I feel more connected to my inner self. Blogging for me is journaling about my life, my triumphs, my tribulations, my experiences and thoughts that weaves in my mind. Blogging for me is therapeutic, its an outlet to my creative energies.

A wonderful confidant-cum-friend and awesome photoblogger on wordpress (right now he is hibernating ) once said to me “You have to go and follow other blogger’s work in order to increase your wordpress followers”. I thought that was a great tip coming from a seasoned blogger for a beginner like me. But after doing the “quid-pro-quo Follow“, I discontinued the practice. I didn’t want to follow anyone out of obligation without reading their content.

Although I would love to get lots of followers for my blog but I consciously try to remind myself not to get affected by number games. I simply don’t want my readers to follow me for the sake of it unless you feel I have any real content to offer you.

However I am very grateful for all the likes and followers I get for my blog. Somehow it motives me to carry on. I am eternally thankful to all of you following my work without any bias and expectations.