#1 – One-on-One with Me in 20Qs

A big shout out to HungryDai as he has been kind enough to let me re-create the same post for my blog (go checkout his awesome blog and show him so love).  The idea of letting the blogger form one-on-one bond with the readers caught my fancy, hence re-creating my set of 20Qs. Read on if you would like to know about me.

01   Name three things which you loved as a child.

I loved writing stories in my diary, gifted by Dad every new year.

I used to love sketching and painting in my school drawing book.

Go cycling every evening with my old man and siblings to Shivaji Park (the ground that produced global icon like Sachin Tendulkar ) my first home.

02.   Is there something which scares you ?

I can categorically call myself Ornithophobic as I fear birds flying close-by will crash into me.

03.   Do you have a recurring dream ?

I think for entire past year i had and still have recurring dreams about Dad and my Uncles, as they had been integral part of my life and i miss them so much.

04.   Which movie star influences you most ?

Am a documentary kind of person. I have my list of movie stars whom I admire but not really influenced by any.

05.   Do you have a favorite color ?

This will be answered by the fashionista in me 😝. Cashmere is my favorite go to color at the moment.  Besides that i love beige. 

06.   Do you have secrets ?

More than calling it a secret I would say I am private person. Everyone do not need to know everything about me which is of their no concern. If that’s what you call a secret, yes I am secretive.

07.   Tea or coffee?

Have been a coffee addict in past but now a complete TEA lover

08.   Wine or beer?

Not a drinker but enjoy Wine/ beer sometimes, but with my favorite people.

09.   Do you enjoy being alone?

Any day. I enjoy my company over anyone else. I do not depend on anyone to be happy and content and therefore I don’t get bored easily.

10. What time do you normally sleep ?

Night owl that’s what you can call me. My mind races at night time, its so hard to go to sleep. 

11. Do you have a sweet tooth ?

Sadly no, but being from a Bengali household I have weakness for sweets.

12. Do you have an ambition ?

Am a very ambitious person. I have a big bucket list of dreams.

13.   What things annoy you?

Un-Punctuality, Show-offs and Gossip mongers.

14.   Do you believe in God ?

Idol worship is a big part of Hindu faith. Growing up in Hindu family i was not immune from the idea either, but I increasingly feel am agnostic at heart and believe in higher power more than idol worship.

15.  Football or tennis ?

Am a huge tennis & Roger fan. I enjoy all sports other than watching cricket.

16. Your favorite food?

Kaju Katri and Gulab Jamun. They are sweet dishes. Haha see I told ya, I go weak in knees for sweets.

17.   What is your favourite country ?

I travel and have plans to travel more in future but India will always be my favorite country.

18.   Dogs or cats ?

Felines all the way. They are so cozy and loving little spoilt brats.

19   Do you like crowds ?

Mostly no but again it depends. If I am going to a concert then I enjoy energetic vibes of the “crowd”.

20.   Do you have a favorite TV programme ?

I like watching Natgeo, Fyi, Travel channels.


Photo Credit: Google photos


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