…..And i am not a Racist

So the bold title has caught your attention and you landed up here.

You might be thinking what prompted me to make this declaration ?

I gave a lot of thought as to weather i should write this page or not. But for you to know me better its important you know the reason. Silence fuels misunderstanding.

A year ago i was on a medical forum to seek a medical guidance and i posted my query on a online medical forum. A day later when i logged-in i got a overwhelming response which was not related to the medical guidance i was seeking, but from 5 users who targeted me for been a racist because my name is Swastika and they were offended by it. 5 users literally bullied me online and before i knew i was caught in a racist row. I was forced to change my user name (which i would have) but as the moderators of forum were partial in their judgement to side with older members of forum i was too disheartened and i dropped the idea to even consider changing my user handle. I was traumatized even with idea of visiting the forum ever again.

My name is Swastika Chakravarty. The only religion i believe in and follow is humanism. But by virtue of my birth (and if u interested to know my religion, caste, sub-caste) i belong to Hindu Bengali Brahmin (HBB) family. SO WHICH RELIGION IS MORE SIMPLE AND LESS COMPLICATED ?

So to throw some light for fiercely defending the sacred symbols of Indians and my name,Swastika is and has been an ancient symbol that has been used for over 3000 year (much more older and sacred than the hate symbol version adopted by Nazi party and it even predates the ancient Egyptian symbol, the Ankh!. The auspicious symbol of Swastika is very commonly used in Hindu art, architecture and decorations. It can been see on temples, houses, doorway, clothing, cars and even cakes..In short it is major part of decoration for festivals and ceremonies like weddings…Just as OM (the sacred symbol of Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism which is universally accepted with great reverence) Swastika symbol is pronounced in same breathe.

And also to give account of our religious tolerance and country that believes in secularism along with all other community, Jewish community co-exist and thrives in same peace and harmony. Jewish community in India is the 4th largest Asian Jewish community. As long as we continue to discriminate amongst ourselves and judge each other on our names, caste, creed color we continue to fodder anti-social elements that existed, exists  and will keep on existing. This is one of the major reason why WAR ENSUES IN NAME OF RELIGION.

I have watched umpteen number of movies and documentary on holocaust and my heart cried and bled for all the beautiful souls lost. I can’t ever contemplate or imagine the loss and pain endured by their loved ones. I am no Jew but i am a Human Being. Having a name that i have will not make me any less of human or make me insensitive. Tomorrow before helping a person in need i won’t ask his religion before extending my helping hand. No advise to give just a earnest request DON’T JUDGE ME BECAUSE MY NAME IS SWASTIKA.

Lesson Learnt:

Most of us use our real name for participating in any online-forum, but these forums have guidelines that one should follow before getting started. And as the know-it-all humans, we are made not to adhere to rules, regulations and guidelines. And i have no qualms in admitting i was one of those know-it-all jerk. Entire experience was a lesson for me to not use my real name in any kind of forums (I won’t include networking sites as it will defeat the purpose to know the real identity).

Kind Attn Requested: I won’t be entertaining any correspondence for this topic in anyway.


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