Namu’s Reading List

“Many people, myself among them, feel better at the mere sight of a book.”
― Jane Smiley

well read person is always a conversation starter. Once’s life time is not enough to assimilate all the wisdom that’s out there in world and books are best way to learn at least a drop in this humongous ocean of knowledge.

What’s life if you don’t share good books with others, that’s why i have come up with Namu’s Reading List. Also as a sneak peek as to what’s next to comes in this series, let me tell you this reading list is heavily influenced by books on life in middle east. Middle east is an enigma to whole world and perhaps that explains why i am attracted to what’s off limits. Among others Sydney Sheldon is my all time favorite author.  A little secret confession here though, Mills&Boons marked my teenage years 😛 . So i hope my #goodreads recommendations makes a way up to your reading list.


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