Namu’s Travelogue

Every place we travel to boast of same Mountains, Beaches, Waterfalls, Architects; then what is it that makes travelling so appealing ? 

Its the Planning, the Journey, the Experiences, the Interactions, the Purpose that nurtures the vagabond in us. 

– Namuwrites 

If you are back from a vacation feeling peaceful and happy, you don’t need any god-damn advice. But if any of you are still trying to find that enriching gratifying experience in your travels, then am here to decode that for you that will last you memories for lifetime.

“There are gazillions of #Travelblogs out there, whats the guarantee my content won’t be monotone? “

Guarantee is my content is not stagnant and i am putting my raw experiences out there than a mindless copy paste from google.

In this special series i will bring to you handy tips that are so effortless but can save you from burning big holes in your pockets. I shall also document my own journey and recommend places for you to visit.

P.S: My special travel series in not sponsored by any Travel company.



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