Digitally Detoxed in Coorg

Social responsibility, new found love for animals and be of help to others, that’s what i learned in this trip.

Planning a week long trip to Coorg was as random as catching up with my #PartnerInCrime. Itinerary was chalked out, arrangement were made in span of 1 week. Came the D-day and we took an overnight train and reached Manglore by 11 a.m next morning. From there we took KSRCT bus to reach to Madikeri, Coorg (pronounced as M-u-d-k-e-r-i. Going to South-India be aware of typical south Indian accent there 😛 ). It took us a good 7 hours in total to reach our hotel because the festive season of Dushhera on that very day left us stranded with no rickshaws to reach our hotel (but luckily we managed).

“The eve was spent hanging our boots, hogging on food and enjoying a glass of home made red wine and chit chatting with our host”

Vrindavan Boutique Hotel

Coorg (originally Kodagu) got its name in British era. Coorg falls in Kodagu district and is a picturesque hilly town perched at 4000 feet above sea level and its 4 hours from town of Mangalore. Coorg boast of rich natural resources and are major producers of black pepper, cocoa, red wine, coffee beans. Almost every third home in Coorg have their own private coffee estate. Your visit to Coorg will be incomplete if you haven’t tasted home made red wine and came back with bag full of indigenous yummy chocolates.

Coorg in many ways is well connected, but in so many more ways its so uniquely disconnected. In fact this place is recommended, if you are looking to escape from you daily life, phone, internet etc. A complete #DigitalDetoxification 

There are many host in this region providing an unique #DigitalDetoxification experience, but reaching Coorg you soon realize that the entire town gives you the experience of getting digitally disconnected. As a matter of fact even national newspaper is imported by this town. That pretty much explains why people look so peaceful and happy in this town, just because they choose to focus on good then be critical about other and be surrounded by negativity.

I have divided Coorg series in four parts so that i can document my stories/pictures and not unknowingly stretch the post and make it too boring for my readers. Stay tuned for more to come in Coorg series.

Pointers For Planning An Flawless Itinerary to Coorg :

  1. Coorg is well connected by Road from the cities of Manglore/Mangaluru and Bangalore/ Bangaluru in the state of Karnataka, India.
  2. Cities of Bangalore and Manglore is well connected by Indian Railways and national or private air carriers.
  3. Karnataka State Road Transport Corp (KSRTC ply buses to Coorg every half an hour)
  4. KSRTC buses are the most cleanest and comfortable ride i can guarantee you as compared to state transport buses in other states. So do not be skeptical at all, about riding with KSRTC.
  5. Pork, fishes like mackerel, pomp fret etc. Phandi curry served with rice dumplings are staple food of people from this region.
  6. Entire town is well versed in English and elementary level Hindi (South India is notorious for not understanding Hindi, so this was a surprise).
  7. The supposedly ‘small’ town of Coorg has Mac-Donald’s. Do i need to say more 😛 ?

P.S: Click on the tab Namu’s Travelogue at top right of my blog page to check out the entire series.

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