Day 2 – Nisargadhama, Namdroling Monastery, Coorg

So this was day 2. After an unsuccessful visit to Dubare Elephant camp (which we postponed to day 4), we made up for it by visit to Namdroling monastery, Nisargdhama (The Bamboo Park) and indulging in some impromptu river rafting adventure.

I always believed that Buddhist monasteries are in north India (am not the only Indian to believe that šŸ¤£), however visiting a monastery in south India was pretty fascinating. The small town of Bylakuppe in Kodagu district is native to over five thousands monks living here. Namdroling monastery boast of a very well endowed education center, state of art hospital along with its very own largest teaching center for Tibetan Buddhism, Nyingma lineage in the world.

Monastery Amidst Gloomy Sky
Nisargdhama (The Bamboo Park)

Coorg is also famous for bamboo silk sari, so its no surprise that it has a dedicated bamboo park here named Nisgardhama.

Lounging at Nisgardhama
After River Rafting

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