Day 3/Part 1 – Nagarhole Jungle Safari, Coorg

Day 3 itinerary was pretty intense as it started before the break of dawn at 3.45 a.m with first visit to Nagarhole Jungle Safari.

We were just in time for this jungle safari. In India, jungle safaris are shut down during monsoon period (15th June to 30th September tentatively), which is precisely why we were unknowingly just in time. I had never been to jungle safari before, so i was pretty up-beat for this adventure.

“Did i spot tiger or lion? “

An unembarrassed answer is “NO”, and its perfectly “OKAY”

If you go to jungle safari with high expectations, you are bound to be disappointed.

Just as human beings live in homes, inverted comma “Jungle” are home to these wild beast, insects, birdies. They will come out when they please.

Think of it this way, in jungle safaris we are guests in home of these animals, so they should be more interested in seeing ‘The New Species’ then the other way round, don’t you think so ! 😝


The temperature was couple of degrees below than in normal atmosphere. I was literally shivering at 11 degrees (i know sounds funny 🤓)


Wild Dogs Enjoying the Hunt
Wild Dogs


Scheduled itinerary for rest of the day is covered in Part 2, coming up!

Note: Nagarhole Jungle is also know as Rajiv Gandhi National Park (RGNP)

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