Day 3/Part 2 – Irrpu Falls, Coorg

After our successful Nagarhole Jungle Safari, other schedule for the day included visit to Irrpu Waterfalls, Irrpu Temple, famous Bhagamandala Temple and Talacauvery (birth place of river Cauvery) later in the day.

Irrpu waterfalls was the personally my favorite highlight of that day, simply because we were the first once to reach there and have entire falls to us (like literally) before the place started to buzz with other travelers. Visit to Irrpu falls alone made me realize a very underrated but useful tip; 

“If you want to have first hand experience the nature has to offer, don’t be an lazy bum. Be the first one to reach those spots even if it means to skip your complementary breakfast “

Another thing that really impressed me about Coorg, was how the state of Karnataka is doing an excellent job of conserving their natural habitat. Travelers are made to be socially responsible by bringing back any of their empty plastic bottles, plastic foils, tin cans etc which they would have otherwise littered had they were not made to pay refundable deposits at the entry/exit point at these places.

Bottom Up View of Irrpu Falls
Tourist Photography & Sitting Spot

“We simply sat there for close to an hour listening to melodious chirping of birds, hissing of wild insects and reptiles and roar of the gushing water falls. It felt like a lifetime sitting their quietly and enjoying ourselves in company of majestic nature.”

Irrpu Temple
Panoramic View of Irrpu Falls
300 Steps to get Eagle Eye view of Talacauvery
Talacauvery Disappearing in Dense Fog

That was Day 3, at the end of which we treated ourselves to chicken curry, fish fry with Dosas (a.k.a Salty pancakes in western style). Ended our day at 6.30 p.m and slept like logs for staright 12 hours. Stay tuned for Day 4.


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