Day 4/Part 1 – Dubare Elephant Camp, Coorg

Priority on day 4 (our second last day in Coorg) was to have a relaxed outing in and around the main town. Dubare Elephant Camp was an exception though. Technically this was second attempt at visiting the Camp. Dubare was on our second day itinerary, but we had to return back from Dubare as there was a massive holiday season rush and boats ferrying tourist to other side of the camp were called-off as clock hit 11 a.m.



Scrubbing and Bathing of Elephants

Its so heart warming to see the way in which elephants are pampered here. Mahouts spend some good hours cajoling the elephants before they are being whisked away for scrubbing and bathing. And the bestest part is tourists are allowed to participate in daily activities of Elephants. So if you plan on to visit Dubare, be sure to reach there at least by 9 a.m., as the entire activities with elephants are wrapped up between 9.30 a.m to 11 a.m.

I thoroughly enjoyed my stint here as the elephants were so friendly, and i can definitely say i have grown to be more fond of animals then i have ever been.

“It was like discovering a new side to me that i was so clueless about. Animals have just affection and love to give. They do not expect anything in return.”

Elephants are Fed Big Lump of Jaggery Tied-up in Hay Stack
Elephant Splashing Water with his Trunk

Dubare Elephant camps should be on your itinerary if you are planning to visit Coorg. Its an experience worthy of your time. See the other side of life that we don’t get to experience very often.